TN Cops Force Entry, Tase Man Causing “Life Threatening Lacerations” After He Demands Warrant

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A $600,000 lawsuit filed in Hamilton County Circuit Court says three Chattanooga, Tennessee police officers illegally trespassed on a mans property and then used a taser on him when he refused to speak to them.

Officers Derek Roncin, Corneilus Gaines and John Watkins were named in the lawsuit filed by local attorney Robin Flores on behalf of resident Steven James Hacker, reports the Chattanooga Times Free Press.

According to court documents the incident happened on July 25, 2013 when Officer Roncin followed Hacker home.

After Hacker refused to speak with the officer, citing his 5th Amendment right, Roncin “became enraged” says the lawsuit.

The complaint says Officer Roncin then continued to pursue Hacker into his yard and then into his garage without stating the offense he had allegedly committed.

Hacker then went inside his home saying that unless the officers had warrants he would not talk with them.

Not taking this standing done Officer Gaines pounded on the front door until Hacker eventually came out with his hands raised.

The suit says it was at this time the three officers forced their way into his home, where Officer Watkins fired a taser at Hacker without warning or cause.

Obviously stunned by the taser, Hacker then fell to the ground where the suit alleges he “suffered life threatening lacerations to an artery under his right arm, another deep laceration by his right collar bone and a large piece of glass impaled in his back close to his spine,” from a broken window.

Hacker was charged with assault, but the charge was dismissed at a hearing before General Sessions Court Judge Clarence Shattuck.

It is not clear what police originally wanted with Hacker. The Chattanooga Police Department has not responded to an Appalachian Area News request for comment.

Hacker has had several prior criminal charges, reports The Chattanoogan. A court date has not yet been set for the lawsuit.

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  • Target4Tyrants

    Pigs acting like pigs. Atleast it is easier these days to see what side the swine swings. Smells like authoritarians (barf)

  • Film The Police Always

    I hope he wins. If I were on his Jury I’d award 5 times that much.