Teen Dead After Alabama Police ‘Shoved Sharp Object Into Throat’ to Retrieve Drugs

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An autopsy has been released in a wrongful death suit of a 150 pound 17-year-old, implicating Alabama Police.

The Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences has ruled the cause of death undetermined, not because the death is suspect, but instead because any number of multiple police inflicted injuries or a combination of them could be the culprit(s).

The findings included blunt force injuries and anoxic/hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy, which is when the brain does not receive enough oxygen, reports WAFF.

Nancy Smith, the mother of the teen, filed a federal lawsuit in March claiming assault and battery, wrongful death, and excessive force.

The lawsuit claims a plain closed officer came at the teen without identifying himself  after he was set up in a drug sting by an 18-year-old confidential informant.

According to court documents the teen ran. The officer gave chase and threw him to the ground and cuffed him. It is at this point it is believed his ribs were broken. The officer also pepper-sprayed him and restrained his neck.

The Smith family lawsuit claims police told paramedics the 17-year-old swallowed a bag of drugs.

In an effort to retrieve the alleged bag, the lawsuit says police had to “shove a sharp object into the teenagers throat.” Lawyers for the Smiths say drugs were never found in his throat or stomach.

The autopsy report also confirms this, stating that there was no indication of anything unusual found in the teens body.

The autopsy goes on to say:

“Because of the circumstances of this event, it is difficult to discern if the decedent died from a drug overdose or an asphyxia event exacerbated by either the occlusion of the airway by the foreign object, a possible vascular occlusion associated with the neck restraint, or from a combination of all the events that transpired during this incident.”

Huntsville PD and city attorneys have not commented on the case apart from denying any wrong doing.  The PD has not responded to an Appalachian Area News email request for a statement.

Huntsville Police have however admitted two pieces of evidence into the case. Two zip-lock bags of MDMA(Ecstasy) which were found on the teens person. Each has been verified by the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences.

… And the drug war claims another victim…

Contributed By Asa Johnson

Editor, & Top Contributor of Appalachian Area News Network & Affiliates


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  • Joe Logger


  • Joe Logger

    How come this wasn’t on CNN? Cops are murdering people all over the country but you never hear about it. And they get away with it every time. Cops can kill you any time they want and nothing will happen to them. They’ll be put on paid administrative leave till something else is in the news and the whole thing blows over and then they are back on the streets, looking for somebody else to kill.

  • Tom Goffnett

    END this idiotic war on drugs. OR we can chase cops down and kill them for eating bagels with poppy seeds? Maybe we should catch them purchasing their beer and taser them and send them off to prison for possession of alcohol. LOOK at how idiotic and evil our law enforcement has become. What a disgrace to the entire human race. Give an idiot a badge and a gun and have him enforce the law? That is insane.

  • manuelroyal

    “A plain closed officer”?

    There’s always been police brutality, but it seems like there’s something about our idiotic “war on drugs” that makes (some) cops think they can do whatever they want.

  • Deborah Allen

    Why wouldn’t they just call an ambulance or take him to E.R. where the medical staff could safely determine what was going on?

  • h4x354x0r

    Prohibition kills.

    “…and the Drug War claims another victim…’ <–TRUTH

  • Bill Ray Drums

    Simple solution- fire all the “plain closed officers”.

  • Swapster_com

    Most here have not been paying attention. Police can and do escalate deadly force if one does not fully obey. Of course the police will get away with it and no policy change will happen.

  • kesmarn

    Any coroner who can’t determine whether a person has died from a drug overdose or asphyxia needs to find another line of work.

  • armoredsaint

    its manslaughter. I’m nearly always pro-police but there is no justification for this. Fire and prosecute all directly involved

  • http://stonesnbones.blogspot.com/ Dr. GS Hurd

    Murder by cop. Not investigated.

  • K.e. French

    How about performing toxicology tests on the blood and liver and other organs to determine if this kid died of a drug over-dose? Covering for the cops- I would suggest street justice against the officers involved in murder. Don’t expect the courts to do it. People are going to have to begin to take the law into their own hands, plain and simple- this shit won’t stop until we put them in check. Again, it’s obvious the courts are on their side.

  • Charles Vella

    If the boy had swallowed drugs, they would be in stomach and not in his throat. Was the man trying to reach into his stomach by putting a sharp object down his neck? This is murder. The city should have this officer legally killed along with anyone who supports what he did. Period. This is the worst of the worst.

  • Larry

    We need to know the law enforcement officers names so we, Americans, know who – specifically – to target with our justice squad. These terrorists will be removed from the street at any cost.

  • Sharky Byte

    Contact this person with your concerns:

    Chief Lewis Morris
    815 Wheeler Ave.
    Huntsville, Alabama 35801
    (256) 427-7001

    • Alric the Red

      What’s his connection to this story? Is he the man who did this?

  • KeMuSaBi

    Let me get this straight. Cops are so bad at their job they have to use sting operations to entrap people? We pay them to do this? I think we as Americans have a lot of thinking and rethinking to do.

    • Swapster_com

      The War on Drugs is, by far, the largest money maker for cops. It’s what keeps them in business. We, as dumb Americans, have decided that private, for-profit prison and deadly force are the best way to handle drug use. Education and rehabilitation — not so much. Thanks to our venal politicians.

      • KeMuSaBi

        Yea man it’s really a systemic problem. If this progress we’re screwed.

  • David Fernandez

    evil is legal become a criminal,when oppression is enacted as law become
    a law breaker,and when those violently victimizing the innocent have
    badges become a cop killer

  • Steven Manson

    ANY undercover cop who touches me WITHOUT identifying himself is gonna get his ass kicked. And I’ll be damned if I let them try to prosecute me for any “Officer related battery.” You are NOT a cop until you ID yourself. On that note, the cops involved need to be tried for murder, plain and simple.

  • Wesman Todd Shaw

    How much more fucking disgusting can a bitch in blue be? This is even more pathetic, more disgusting, more horrific than the shit happening in Albuquerque.

    How bad does it have to become before people start rounding up these domestic terrorists and removing them from the fucking streets for the service and protection of the community? i’m hoping their disposed of forthwith. I couldn’t live in the same town with such fucking monsters with bitch badges.

  • hollyh58

    We have got to stop treating drug possessions a crime. I say we decriminalize drugs unless someone’s making millions selling them. Why did the cops feel they needed to use excessive force to retrieve a possible bag of swallowed drugs? Was he a danger to anyone? Doesn’t sound like it. So he ran. Why give chase? Again, was he going to harm anyone. Was he waving a gun or other weapon and threading others? Doesn’t sound like it. THese are questions I would ask if I were the prosecuting attorney.

  • Disco Biscuits

    “I am a meat popsicle”

  • Gregg

    I am sad that a teen died but he did it to himself. He was a moronic idiot that died at his own hand. It is a testament to the reputation that the people of the Appalachian Mts. have as being backward and utterly stupid people that they would wish ill on a police force when it is extremely clear that had this backward ignorant inbred Appalachian kid not swallowed the drugs he would be alive today. Maybe instead of the police dying all the inbred hillbillies that live in the incest filled mountains should be exterminated. Would the rest of the world even notice? Unlikely.

    • Mike Sloan

      lol… I bet you call yourself a tolerant liberal…

      Perhaps you dont understand: THERE WERE NO DRUGS FOUND IN HIS BODY. HE NEITHER SWALLOWED OR TOOK ANYTHING….. Autopsy proved it… Did you even read it?

      • Gregg

        “…if the decedent died from a drug overdose or…” straight from the report you moronic hillbilly. Regardless wether they found drugs he had taken them and as a result the medical examiner could not figure out what killed him the drugs or the fight with the police for resisting a lawful order or a combination. The kid got what was coming by being a stupid law breaking hillbilly. like you he was probably his sisters dad and his mothers uncle.

        • John Doe the Troll

          Gregg, you’re just a special kind of stupid. Reading comprehension was completely lost on you, but I will try to help you understand. The part in the article that says “The autopsy report also confirms this, stating that there was no indication of anything unusual found in the teens body.”

          What that means is that there were no drugs found in the kids body. He may have been the result of incest, he may have even been stupid for running, but the fact that you can’t understand that shows your complete ignorance and idiocy.

          • Gregg

            You like your counterpart above, both with a straight line family tree, are the one in need of reading comprehension. What is meant by “nothing unusual” is that the alleged drugs that he had attempted to swallow while in the presence of the police did not seem to be “in” his body at the time of the autopsy. No where does this article say he was not under the influence of drugs. In fact, the quote from the report says that the medical examiner could not tell if a drug overdose caused the death, ie drugs would have to be present for the medical examiner to NOT be able to rule them out as a cause of death. Opening your mouth like you did has let me know that yet another moron with low IQ exists.

          • Mike Sloan

            unbelievable… truly just an angry, prejudice, self righteous piece of shit… maybe you’ll find yourself on the other side of the boot someday… well see how you feel then… when roid raging little dicked cops brutalize or kill you when you are in the wrong place at the wrong time…

            Well see how your blind worship of funny looking costumes and pieces of metal serves you then.

            You dont have to do drugs to be killed and beated by police… and simply b/c someone does drugs doesn’t make them a bad person… No one deserves to die or be brutalized because they chose to put something inside THEIR OWN BODY no matter what men in suit write down on pieces of paper(law)

            No drugs where found in the throat or body. He did not swallow anything. That doesn’t mean he was on drugs at the time you are right but it is generally accepted that IT WAS THE BREAKING OF HIS RIBS, THE PHYSICAL ASSUALT, THE NECK RESTRAINING, AND THE “SHOVING OF A SHARP OBJECT INTO THIS THROAT THAT KILLED HIM BY SUFFOCATING HIM” NOT DRUGS THAT HE MAY OR MAY NOT OF TAKEN…. AND NOT ANYTHING THAT HE SWALLOWED… BECAUSE HE SWALLOWED NOTHING…

          • Gregg

            I will not even be “in the wrong place” because unlike you and the other moronic assholes on this post my mom is not my sister. Second you and all you other stupid prick loving inbreeds always bitch and moan about the police yet AS SOON as you feel wrong they are the first people you call to right the wrong. YOU ARE A MORON THE ME SAID HE COULD NOT TELL IF HE DIED FROM A DRUG OVERDOSE WHICH MEANS HE HAD TO HAVE FOUND EVIDENCE OF DRUGS IN HIS SYSTEM YOU FREAKING JA. read the damn article or better yet take it to someone that has an IQ above 2 and have them explain it to your stupid ignorant hilly-billy sisters momma moronic ass but be sure they use crayons and lots of pictures so your stupid ass can get the understanding that simply because they did not allegedly find a huge bag of meth in his stomach does not mean that the ME and the police are liars or that the kid that we are all better off having dead did not use and deal drugs. It explains in plain english ( I know you only speak and read moron hillbilly) that he had been on drugs because the ME explains he could not tell if a drug overdose had killed him.

      • Alric the Red

        I would bet that he’s not a liberal, and is instead a pro-state, pro-police, pro-drug war, right-wing conservative. And I have to assume from your words that you’re a right-wing conservative yourself. You painted this man’s ridiculously indifferent justification for police brutality with a caricature of liberals, straight out of some talk-radio piehole’s tic sheet. His comments were so unlike a liberal, only a right-wing nitwit, completely unaware of what liberalism is really about, could suggest otherwise.

    • meatwad_SSuppet

      Thanks for the confession. The kid did not kill himself. Reading is fundamental.

      The war on some drugs IS the organized criminals in law enforcement. Our Constitution wants freedom for all intoxicants, not just your Booze.

  • Dewayne Werdehausen

    So after they found no drugs in his throat they just let him lay there gurgling and gasping and drowning in his own blood til he died? What a horrible death at the hands of those sworn to protect and serve..wonder how they go home and look at their own kids at night?

  • BayAreaGuy

    A “plain closed officer”? Seriously? Doesn’t the Appalachian area have enough reputation as uneducated, without having their own reporters writing like children? It’s plainclothesed. In other words, he wasn’t wearing an uniform, but instead was wearing everyday clothes. Idiot.

  • mrelectriccity

    an he’ll prob get away with it claiming to be justifiable cops overly abuse they power and get away with it all the time even when they clearly in the wrong. seen vid were guy sittin in the chair handcuff not moving an a cop just runs an punches him out the chair and beat the shit out of him, one man handcuffed walking back toward cop car the cop just started punching guy in the face about 5 or 6 times, then there was a female in holding an 2 cops came rushing in shoved her and her face hit the edge the hard bench and busted her face wide open and majority of the time theres about 4 or 5 of them jumping u and tazing u at once. an 99% of the time they get away with it. which is why 90% of the people hate cops cause they crooked as shit and never get in trouble even when getting busted. like few months ago cops arrested a guy who ran a successful smoke shop buy planting evidence an after being arrested he told his lawyer to review his surveillance tape and sure enough showed an undercover planting the drugs. an did any of the cops involved with it get into any trouble nope on to the next victim

    granted that not all cops are like this but there’s only about 30% of cops that actually wanna do good and make a difference.

    • Stephen Voss

      I dont think so if the dude had swallowed drugs…they could have simply taken him in cuffs to a hospital and pumped his stomach

  • Steven Sigmon

    these cops should be executed immediately along with the Chief for not arresting them on the spot for murder

  • Fruitini

    Whenever they close their eyes , i hope they see his face. I want it to haunt them , for years and decades before they finally eat a bullet to make it go away.

    • lberns

      psychopaths are void of emotion. It won’t affect them in the least.

  • TroliusMaximus

    Only the most desperate would choose to live in the U.S. today. What a cesspool of violence and urban destitution.

    The sooner China and Russia become the new superpowers, the better for us all.

    • fisharmor .

      Well, maybe we could also wait until China’s not dissecting and embalming political prisoners and sending them over here as “science” exhibits.
      Just because things are effed up here, doesn’t mean they’re great in other places.

      • TroliusMaximus

        I was being mordant.

        I don’t even live in the U.S. of Gun (thankfully). Assuming you do, I would have thought you’d be a little more anxious about your nation’s decline…

        • billhook

          We are, but mentioning two worse countries to live in doesn’t play well either.

          • TroliusMaximus

            It plays to American insecurity.

  • http://www.redstateeclectic.com AngelaTC

    Protected and served the life of that little mundane!

  • wildman

    here’s hoping every fukin pig involved in any way with this gets to watch everyone and everything they love die a slow pain wracked death right before their fukin eyes

  • Ben G

    It’s funny how some things are just “opened and closed.” Speaking from experience.

    • Ben G

      “THEY” are NEVER guilty.”

  • Daniel

    Hope the pigs responsible get castrated

  • Rey Lal Salam

    death to these pigs.. may the people rise and burn them alive.

  • Kelly Payne


  • Patrick Carter

    Drugs claim another victim? sounds to me like cops claim another victim. If I were the family I wouldn’t settle for less than 30 million. Send a message!

  • mkurtiz

    I wish they went after illegal aliens with as much zeal

  • othelzer@yahoo.com

    revoke the huntsville police charter, suspend all retirement payments
    and elect non partisan candidates to change the fundamentals of
    Alabama and end the tide of using drugs as excuse for racial extermination

    I have lived in Mobile and Pascagoula there are many fine people
    and more than a few are my family who are white and high yellow
    there is no excuse in the world that says this “OK” in America

    republican 40 years, hyper conservitive anti-neocon libertarian fundamentals

  • Juan Nightstand

    The government employees will all rally together to defend their own. They’ll settle out of court and pay off the victim’s family using taxpayer money. The same thing will happen again and again and again…..

    “… And the drug war claims another victim…”

  • Charisse Linnell Morton

    So ridiculous!How were these so-called cops even hired!This is Murder,plain and simple.Anything that comes out of these pigs mouths is most likely a self serving tale of pure B.S.Another agency must investigate this horrible crime,from a-z.As for a revolt against the Feds,maybe start by electing another Sheriff for the county.If your Sheriff was appointed demand he step down,have a petition (a long one) started.Bad police=Bad Sheriff….the people pay for proper policing with there taxes!If there Sheriff and or a P.D. are behaving poorly you can demand (as a group of citizens that live in the county,town or city ) that action be taken,get involved with your city counsel.Sitting around doing nothing solves…nothing!Learn and use your legal rights,Power to the People!

    • billhook

      They hire dumb thugs on purpose because they won’t question orders and have no compunction about using force to do as their masters order.

  • Paul J Salerno

    Stay classy Alabama. See you at the revolution.

  • http://jerryvest.pages.web.com jerryvest

    I suspect that this cop was taking antidepressants and other pharmaceuticals that may have precipitated the search….all is his projection.

    • Paul J Salerno

      Thank you Scientology nutsack

      • http://jerryvest.pages.web.com jerryvest

        Guilt by association…..you rat conservatives are all alike….hateful and ignorant.

        • Paul J Salerno

          The same could be said for you Scientologists. Also ” under investigation by the federal government “.


    this kind of crap has got to be stoped. if u want to see just how bad this kind of police brutality has gotten check out this link.https://www.facebook.com/pages/Do-Cops-kill-as-many-people-as-criminals/1424315651144224?ref=hl

  • Amanda Deal

    This must stop! When are the people who are sworn to protect us, going to stop killing us!!!! My prayers to the mother b/c I would have found those cops!

  • fisharmor .

    Wow, it still surprises me to see how many people get that there’s a problem, and yet still don’t understand that the only thing – the ONLY thing which has changed since the very first cops walked a beat, is that we have alternative media informing us it’s going on.
    Find a bunch of old black guys and ask them whether any of this is new.
    This is their job: this is what they do, and what they have always done. If any of you want to start talking solutions, there’s only one that will make any difference at all: complete abolition of the constabulary.
    Any good which you think they do is a carefully crafted fairy tale designed specifically to make you look the other way when stuff like this happens. We not only don’t need them, we’d be much better off without them.

    • billhook

      The other thing that has changed is that whites are now equally worthless before the law as any other group by race and ethnicity. All that matters is having enough cash.

      • eccles11

        That’s not quite the case, we haven’t reach true equality yet, but we are getting there.

        • KeMuSaBi

          Sorry to break it to you but there’s no such thing as true equality.

          • eccles11

            Seriously dude, read my post and the one I was responding to.

          • KeMuSaBi

            I see where you mis understood me. I’m saying true equality is a myth, a utopian dream, if you will. I dare say with man involved it is unachievable.

          • eccles11

            Ah, I was simply making a morbid joke that soon we will all be treated equally before the law, but by treating whites as blacks have, rather than the other way around.

          • KeMuSaBi

            I see it coming to fruition more and more every day. I hope we’re both wrong all the way around but the facts are all leaning in a very bad direction. Anything the controllers can do to divide us you bet they’re doing it.

    • marque2

      I am white and have been pulled over and harassed for being in the wrong neighborhood. It was a Hispanic area – I was new to town and did t know any better. Of course the cops assumed I was there to purchase drugs. They were correct, I was looking for a Right aid drug store in the area.

    • Tom Goffnett

      Cops are being federalized. Cops are now trained to shoot first and if they were in error it will all get taken care of. Back in the day cops didn’t serve no knock warrants. Now over 80,000 a year. Cops didn’t put on Navy Seal costumes and Kevlar helmets and drive Armored personnel carriers and armored humvees and Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles given to them by the DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY. Did I mention the DHLS and FEMA and the BATFE and the TSA and the FBI and the BLM? Cops with armored vehicles, M-4′s, and all the toys that any boy wanting to play army could have. Everything has changed. High School kids are being shot for not stopping when they are told to stop. Lesbian cops are being called to do body cavity searches on women who might have some drugs in their vaginas or anus. The TSA is frisking INFANTS for bombs at the AIRPORTS! This isn’t the way it has always been.

  • DennisCLatham

    There you have it ….. cops / government – abusing, beating, cheating, harming, hurting, murdering, and stealing from tax payers …..

    Now ….. let’s see how many protests, and rally’s will raise up in Alabama about this – although it’s a red state. Let Us See.

  • Contrarianthefirst

    It’s adding up.

  • ghandolhagen

    jesus fucking christ….

  • Jesse Fortner

    The headline is misleading. Terrible though.

  • Midgetwidget

    Cops did a great job, sucks for the druggie though. Maybe he should have made better choices.

    • http://www.michaelpshipley.com/ Michael P. Shipley

      Define slavery. Slavery is when you own a person like its your property. When govt makes a law that forbids you to put something in your body, thats them saying, you dont own your body, they do. Thats slavery. Thats wrong. No matter how much you may think drugs are bad, slavery isnt the answer.

      • Midgetwidget

        Now that is some good spin, a super stretch, and you actually have no argument but entertaining none the less. Lemme give it a spin here…
        Slavery is what the middle class experience when they are being raped and pillaged of their hard earned tax dollars to support the lifestyle of these losers. One dying just saved us some hard earned cash. “Slavery isn’t the answer.” Right back at ya buddy!

        • Origanalist

          You really are a special kind of stupid. Instead of worrying about stripping the state of the ability to take your money and give it to someone else you support giving it to psychopaths that beat and murder your fellow human beings.

          They set him up and didn’t even find any drugs.

          You are either one of them or you are a classic copsucking bootlicker

          • Midgetwidget

            UMmmm, nope, you failed. Try again.

          • Origanalist

            No I didn’t copsucker, you’re just too much of a gubmint bootlicker see past your hero worship.

            So no, I won’t bother trying again.

          • Midgetwidget

            You like to stereotype, prejudiced too?

          • billhook

            The only way to fail is to become a cop, which is where failures like you go to boost their egos.

        • eccles11

          “Slavery is what the middle class experience when they are being raped and pillaged of their hard earned tax dollars to support the lifestyle of these losers.”

          Are you talking about the salaries of these thug cops?

          • Midgetwidget

            Um no…read the paragraph again.

          • eccles11

            Well there were a number of characters in this story, one we have no knowledge of their welfare status, the other party takes their wages, sick leave, vacation pay, and pension from taxed labor. There is a confirmed parasitic party here.

          • billhook

            They and everyone else who sucks off the govt. in an official capacity. I still recall the Will Rogers “it’s a good thing we don’t get all the government that we pay for” quote.

    • billhook

      Your “widget” is a “midget,” so you became a cop.

      • Midgetwidget

        Fail, try again.

        • billhook

          When you left the police academy, you gained another inch, thus doubling its length.

    • eccles11

      Shooting the cops would have been a better, and more moral choice.

      • Midgetwidget

        Yea, you should jump on that and let us know how it goes for you.

        • eccles11

          Well this guy was murdered by two violent thugs. Tell me what could have gone worse for him had he managed to take one out?

          • Midgetwidget

            And with that demented thought, now you know why Cops are so aggressive in protecting their own lives…as they should be.

          • eccles11

            Defending yourself against vicious killers is demented. This guy did the right thing and took his death like a good citizen.

          • Midgetwidget

            Your funny, a screwball, but still funny.

  • Hp B

    Bad cops bad cops whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do
    when they come for YOU!

    • billhook

      .308 is what I’m gonna do.

  • Depravity

    So how long will the officers involved in this be on paid vacation? They won’t be fire..The department heads now know they have officers wiling to murder innocent people. In the police state murder of innocent citizens is initiation into the top ranks..They are literally becoming a street gang that we pay the salaries of.

  • Valno


  • Angi

    sick sick sick sick sick!!!

  • davidfGuest

    Oink, pigs.

  • Alex Masters

    I hope all officer involved and their families, children, wives are killed, so that there is no possible way of this tainted gene pool reproducing.

  • dipshit


  • dave

    Police need to be charged tried and punished in strict accordance with the law electric chair i imagine

  • cold340t

    Please, who is “training” these Cops? Where is this being taught? Why aren’t people asking who is training these Cops to be so afraid and violent?

    • dufas_duck

      This has been going on forever, it is nothing new. What IS new is that lately, things have been ramped up to a new level. Since 911 and the Feds through the NSA has become involved with ‘first responders’, the police have become militarized and instilled with military thinking…it is the ‘us against them’ mindset that the police now carry in their heads when they rough up some nine year old child or body slam an 87 year old woman… They also know that in 99% of the cases, they will be able to get away with most anything they do…

    • meatwad_SSuppet

      When they get the training from the iOf, we are now Palestinians.

  • Guest

    catch an ied pigs

  • meatwad_SSuppet

    There is only only solution to this police state insanity. Remove the organized criminals from the scene and LEGALIZE all intoxicants as our Constitution demands. When we already have th worst drug a human could think of using as the legal intoxicant, it is time to think of freedom or everyone, even the heroin junkies. Far fewer will be dying from over doses because they would now KNOW the purity of the drug. It is a trust the drug dealer at this moment.

    So which is worse, a junkie OD’ing or another INNOCENT Citizen killed by an over jealous pig?

    The Constitution is very clear, but organized criminals and their politicians and police state stations prevent Freedom for all. Can’t you see the pigs (police) ARE the problem here.

    • ck1978

      What kind of crack are you smoking?
      You think the purity would be known if legalized? That’s only if it’s regulated, by the government, who would be the one controlling the drugs, genius.

      • meatwad_SSuppet

        What kind of D.A.RE. programming have you been soaked in? Our Constitution demands freedom for all sputnik. The soviet union collapsed for a very good reason sputnik. You give me an excuse, and I’ll tell you how stupid you really are.

        Why is it, the alcoholic is the loudest voice for oppression of others freedoms. Are you a drunk ck?

        The free market would be the control sputnik. Duh

        • ck1978

          I bet you fancy yourself a smart person, but I hate to break it to you. Even the biggest moron thinks they are smart.

          • meatwad_SSuppet

            Obviously much smarter than you. I can debate the topic, all you have are personal attacks that are based on your own life (projections).

            Do you have any points to make for keeping any drug illegal or not? Did I hit the nail perfectly on the head, are you an alcoholic taking my comments too personal?

          • ck1978

            Maybe in your own twisted and disillusioned world. You are so far off on your assessment of who I am, it isn’t even funny. Alcoholic, not even close. I drink a beer maybe once a year. “Sputnik”.

            What value does making all drugs legal bring? What exactly does legalizing heroin, cocaine or any other drug do for society? Lower the crime rate? Nope, the same ones who can’t afford it on the streets are gonna rob and steal to get their next fix just like they do today. Ever seen a doper try to get themselves clean or how little control they have over basic aspects of their life when they’re losing everything trying to get their next hit? Then what happens when they have nothing, lost their job, family, home? Oh, let’s steal and rob and hurt innocent people because someone’s in a drug induced rage.

            Yeah, that’s a great way for the government to control the people – dumb them down, control the drugs and control the users. Make it legal and everything will be okay, right?

          • meatwad_SSuppet

            When the pharmacy price of a gram of pure cocaine sells for $0.02 for that gram, and the streets goes for $120.00 for who knows what…

            I can tell, you are either working the parasites field regarding the illegal war on some drugs, or you are just another idjit. Yeah sputnik.

      • eccles11

        There are many market mechanisms to ensure quality. Take a look at the products on Silk Road were of a much higher quality and known purity than what you find on the street.

      • billhook

        Then set a standard and have suppliers certify that they meet it, same as any other pharmaceutical. Govt. doesn’t inspect and analyze much of anything, from drugs to food products, relying on companies to do 99.9% on their own and file paperwork attesting that they did.

  • Bennett

    So they didn’t search his pockets/person, they instead jumped right to shoving things down his throat and restraining him to retrieve drugs they weren’t even sure he swallowed? Ignorant anti-LEO rants aside, that is god-awful procedure. 1 felony isn’t worth a kid’s life, I hope the family wins this one and that PD admits wrongdoing, then again, fat chance. A police department admitting that they have poorly trained, aggressive, entrapping officers on duty? Maybe when pigs fly.

    • WhenEvilWearsAuthoritysBadge

      When things like this are going on, and you admit that they are institutionally covered up, how exactly are “anti-LEO rants” in any way ignorant?

      What really burns people up is that these cops aren’t even going to lose their jobs and they will NEVER face charges for killing this kid. And 99% of the time law enforcement officers behave like violent criminals, they are given a free pass.

    • http://archive.org/details/antifederalist_0707_librivox The Federal Farmer

      Yeah, those ignorant anti-LEO rants. They hate all cops because of the few who abuse our liberties. They forget about all the good cops who stand against those few bad cops… Oh wait.

      • meatwad_SSuppet

        The latest story out of the criminal SDPD are of a 20+ year Detective being abused by her ‘partners’. Do you really think they will be doing the right thing for the citizens they storm over. Time to Arm ourselves as the Second amendment grants, our RIGHT to defense from criminals, no matter what uniforms they wear.

      • http://www.michaelpshipley.com/ Michael P. Shipley

        50% of all prison inmates are there for drug charges, which makes 50% of all cops evil because the state doesn not have the right to tell you what you can and cant put in your body, thats slavery. They dont own you or your body. You do.

        • Amanda Deal

          I was 20. I had a drink out with the guy I was with. When I drove 2 hours later I was pulled over b/c the dulley truck I was in kicked l

          • purplediamond

            If you are ever pulled over again do NOT take a field sobriety test!!!! EVER!!!!! Or a breathalyzer when you do so YOU GIVE them all the evidence they need to prosecute you. Sure you’ll lose your licensee for 6 months but that is way better then a $10,000 fine & lawyers fees.

          • Tom Burl Walsh

            Word of caution. If you don’t take the breathalyzer, they are going to take your blood. Should you have other substances in you, they will add to the charges.

          • billhook

            But if only booze, by the time they get you anywhere and get the warrant they need, you will have metabolized a fair amount if you were only coasting at right near the limit.

          • spectrewriter

            I’m waiting for that to be challenged, but THIS pathetic SCOTUS wouldn’t be able to recognize that forcing those tests in any way violates the 5th Amendment.

          • http://archive.org/details/antifederalist_0707_librivox The Federal Farmer

            No Amanda, you were not in the wrong. You committed no torts.

        • marque2

          Problem is if you violate my civil liberties by doing what you want with your body. You want to smoke crack – you get addled and want to drive a car – you crash into me and kill me. There is nothing that can be done to rectify the damage to me -,even if you are rich and my heirs sue you – because now I am dead.

          This is why we occasionally have laws that limit individual rights – so that the rights of others are not trampled.

          • billhook

            News, buddy. These laws haven’t done a thing to prevent this and LEGAL drugs cause more deaths yearly, including traffic-related ones. Consequently, we gave up rights to privacy, safety and our personal liberty for absolutely no benefit.

          • marque2

            Have you noticed what is happening in Colorado? There is now a great uptick in Mary Jane related traffic deaths. Could even reach parity with alcohol.

            These cops have been going overboard – esp in the last few years, but that certainly does not mean you throw out all laws meant to protect us from each other.

            It is also interesting all the public pressure to stop folks from consuming safe legal drugs and yet encourage less safe illegal ones. Cigarette driving deaths are rare – MJ deaths not as rare.

          • Tom Burl Walsh

            Please cite some proof of MJ causing traffic deaths in Colorado or anywhere else. In case you missed it, folks have been smoking weed for a very long time.

          • marque2

            I have a policy of not providing links to that which is easily googleable on Google news. There have been several articles on the increase of deaths in CO.

          • eccles11

            That is a horrible policy, and an attempt to shift the burden of proof. If you make a claim like that, no one should be expected to take your word for it, so you should provide evidence.

            Quite often people like to pull the “do your own research” card. Which is a clever tactic, because without providing evidence for the existence of the evidence, they then claim that it exists, and that the other party should be put to work finding it. Finding it on the internet, which is a near infinitely massive library of information. Meaning if the other person goes looking, and cannot find the cited evidence, if for example, it doesn’t exist. You can simply say “You aren’t looking hard enough”.

            That is why the burden of proof is on the person making the claim. If it’s that easy for someone to find, it should be even easier for you to find.

          • Rachel Irene Renee Wright

            No one has to prove anything, what, are you a court of law?

          • eccles11

            If you are in a discussion and you make a claim and want someone to believe it. Then prove it. Your post is completely worthless, the judicial system is not the only system where people attempt to establish facts, or argue a case.

          • flame821

            Since he couldn’t be bothered, allow me to give you an excerpt:

            “12.2% of drivers killed by car crashes in six states tested positive for cannabinol, a marijuana metabolite, in 2010, up from 4.2% in 1999.”- Forbes February 2014 – J Sullum

            The article goes on to explain that during that time period only MEDICAL use marijuana was legal and that the cannabinol can be detected in the blood a week after the last inhale, so while it may have been in their system it doesn’t mean they were high while driving.

            Add this to the fact that medical MJ was given to people with vision issues, cancer, MS and other long-term, serious health issues, there are a lot more likely causes for the accidents than being high. And, in fact, traffic fatalities were down by over 20% during the same time period due to the substitution effect. People preferring to stay at home and get high rather than self medicating with alcohol.

          • billhook

            Then you’ve got no argument.

          • meatwad_SSuppet

            Of course you don’t provide links. The CHP has repeatedly performed the same driving test with real people and real intoxicants. The marijuana drivers routinely performed better than even sober drivers.

          • Rachel Irene Renee Wright

            People have been drinking for thousands of years. Doesn’t mean the substance being used doesn’t impair them. Plus, you get a teenager thats never smoked weed before, stick him behind the wheel of a car and see what happens.

          • billhook

            Cigarette lung cancer and emphysema deaths aren’t rare – at least dying in a crash is quick. Oh, and before you say anything about innocent bystanders, second-hand smoke kills just like a drunk or doper behind the wheel, only much slower.

          • eccles11

            This is why alcohol should be made illegal, and also sleeping. because if you want to be tired and drive a car, you crash into me and kill me. There is nothing that can be done to rectify the damage to me.

          • spectrewriter

            Yeah, prohibition worked so well the last few times we tried it…

          • eccles11

            Here’s to not reading people’s posts before responding.

        • ck1978

          50% of people that post on the internet are stupid and don’t know what they are talking about. Look, here’s one!

          • billhook

            I agree, you’re definitely one.

  • Target4Tyrants

    My heart goes out to the family who lost a branch on the family tree. I hope they find justice through the courts.. or the streets.

  • raythemixer

    This is BULLSHIT…. Frankly, it is time to start fighting back… Form local defense leagues to stop these animals… when cops show up, call your friends, show up en masse… film them, if they attack fight back… it is more than past time to end Qualified Immunity for these damn thugs and it is past time for America to start fighting back!!!

    • Amanda Deal

      I so agree with you. Our ancestors started a WAR! (No less) over a govt tax on TEA! It’s time we stand up for ourselves again, this time over blood shed. This is not nazi Germany this is a “free America”.

      • billhook

        Almost everyone still thinks this is a free country because America’s skill at marketing propaganda would make even Goebbels take notice in awe at how well our govt. and corporate masters can sell their lies.

      • Zimulan Noetzel

        it wasn’t about tea…. tsk tsk… tea was the “representation” as goes their Motto: ” No Taxation without Representation ” they also all dressed up as Indians to further their claim that the indian nations close by were violent and needed to be exterminated, pushing the blame for the violence instead of handling the repercussions for their own actions… as they were trying to get the crown to do the same… hypocrisy anyone? … they came here looking to get away from the unjust taxes and the Crown still charged them… even though they had no right to and had no way of justifying their claims to their taxes. Much like our taxes now… it was about TAXES not tea.

        • Tom Goffnett

          They dressed like Indians to do what? Maybe they dressed like Indians so nobody would know who they were? Do you know what killed the Indians? It was disease. There were massacres on both sides. There were massacres between tribes. There was also peace between the Pilgrim and Indians. The founders got a long with Indians. What happens is, some kids go to college and some dimwit lefty professors tells everyone that white people killed the Indians and enslaved the Africans and the white man is horrible and hates people.

          That in itself is the very definition of the idiotic word from the 1930′s (racist). Closed minded and completely out of touch with mankind. We all, each of us, every race is the same. Everyone has their prejudice, and their bigotry and their hate. Latinos and Negros, Caucasian and Asian. Everybody has their hang-ups. Everybody killed and everybody had their slaves. United States colleges make it fashionable to hate white people. Has anyone ever seen the college professors with people other than his lilly white wife and friends? How about those white people on MSNBC calling everyone a racist? Does Chris Matthews have black or Hispanic friends? He might have a Mexican maid that he pays 25 cents on the dollar, and he may tip her, but that doesn’t really count as a friend.

      • docmerlin

        “Our ancestors started a WAR! (No less) over a govt tax on TEA!”

        Then new government created by the founders raised a tax on booze that was more than 10 times higher than the tea tax.

        • DiscipleofYahushua

          it wasn’t as simple as just being about taxes. people should start with the declaration of independence and find all the resources you can on what was going on from 1740′s-1770′s

    • Tom Goffnett

      Look at how many people liked your comment. It is coming. It is about to happen (in my opinion).

  • Red

    Slaughter the pigs

  • katiepea

    wow. well i hope all officers involved are killed in the line of duty. with a work history like this, who could feel bad for them?

    • theallseeingmaster .

      A ‘justifiable homicide’, where these cops are the victims, would be appropriate.

      That which is good for the goose is good for the gander.

      • Andrew

        Unfortunately that would merely result in a push for tougher laws and more lenient policies for the police to be able to abuse. When I nameless kid gets killed by the cops its no big thing. But when a cop gets killed on the job, everyone goes nuts and everybody from your local officials to the state level and even the white house will throw it in all our faces as the reason why we need tougher gun or drug laws. It’s really unfortunate that this is how it is. A cops life isn’t worth any more than a civilians life. But that’s the sad state of things.

        • Charles Vella

          It is getting to the point where a cop’s life has a negative value.

        • Ian

          Cops are civilians too. I know it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it plays into the whole state of mind.

          • Miguel Miquel

            No cop’s are not civilians the hold contempt for each and every one of us.

          • Ian

            Simply holding contempt does not make them a non civ. There is military and civilians, while our police forces are “militarized” they are all still civilians while doing their LEO “duties”. On the matter of holding contempt, I 100% agree with you and still believe that there are a maximum of 5% of the entire police force, at any given time, in the US that are actually decent human beings and are on the force to actually do what is good and right. The other 95% are worthless, egotistical bottom feeders that this country and the world would be better without!

      • mrelectriccity

        90% of so called justifiable anything involving cops is complete BS theres plenty of vids abusing they power