Alabama Obamacare Exchange Last of all States on Provider Choices

alabama obamacare exchange

Alabamians who are able to get into the new health insurance marketplace website aren’t finding much choice in the Alabama Obamacare exchange.

Like Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina that maintains virtual monopoly by dominating the Tar Heel States exchange, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama is the only insurance company offering individual plans in most Alabama counties.

Monopolies do not occur in a true Free Market system. Unbeknownst to most people, they are created by Government. By selectively enforcing regulations onto competitors of companies written in this case by the Big Insurance Companies themselves, who stand to gain literally trillions more than the would otherwise, said companies are free to dominate the market in a way that unnaturally destroys all competition. This ObamaCare Monopoly is a textbook example of how this occurs.

Humana is offering plans in Jefferson, Madison and Shelby counties.

A Humana spokesman says the company is concentrating on areas where it has a business presence.

A United Healthcare spokesman says the company is not participating in the individual marketplace initially, but is continuing to evaluate it.

On the small business side of the marketplace, Blue Cross and United Healthcare are offering plans statewide.

Humana is not participating in the small business marketplace.

The Department of Health and Human Services says Alabama has the least choices of any of the 36 states with federally facilitated exchanges.

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